Download and learn how to use the SIDE-algorithm!

Using the SIDE-Algorithm

The SIDE algorithm (SIDE: Stream Index Division Equations) relies on simple vector-math to efficiently calculate terrain indices along streams!

So far, the SIDE algorithm is only available for the open-source SAGA GIS program, but hopefully some other GIS software tools will also adopt it . Below is a table with various download links for the source code as well as for user manual(s). PLEASE cite this article any time you use, modify or want to refer to the SIDE- algorithm. (Citation: Grabs, T. J., K. G. Jencso, B. L. McGlynn, and J. Seibert (2010), Calculating terrain indices along streams: A new method for separating stream sides, Water Resour. Res., 46, W12536, doi:10.1029/2010WR009296.) You can also send me an email to get a copy of the article.

File Description Download
Source code #Comments are in the source code Source code written in C++
User guide
(pdf document)
Guide for applying the SIDE algorithm in SAGA GIS User guide for SAGA version 2.06

A brief summary will be soon posted


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