How to find the SIDE algorithm in SAGA GIS 2.08

Some module in SAGA GIS were renamed in version 2.08. Please note that the SIDE algorithm is now in

Terrain Analysis – Hydrology > Catchment Area (Parallel).

The usage instructions written for SAGA version 2.06 should still be applicable (See: )

Please contact me if you need further assistance (thomas<dot>grabs<at>

Calculating terrain indices along streams

Most people would agree that streams have two sides, right? Funnily though, this fundamental truth has been up and until now completely overlooked by terrain analysts!

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Compiling SAGA-GIS

I recently went through the hassle adventure of compiling SAGA-GIS and discovered (a.k. fell into) several pitfalls when following the official guide.
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SIDE Algorithm

Download and learn how to use the SIDE-algorithm!
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